Choosing your Chaniya Choli

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Published: 09th November 2010
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Chaniya cholis and lehenga cholis are some of the most versatile Indian outfits. With the beauty of a sari and the ease of a skirt and blouse, there are the perfect options for bridal wear, trousseau shopping and even if you just want a beautiful Indian outfit to wear for special occasions. Traditionally the home of the chaniya cholis is Gujarat, Kutch and Rajasthan, but over the years it has become a popular fashion statement all over the country as well as internationally. There are so many variations from the more streamlined lehengas, voluminous ghagaras and the chaniyas. From elegant and traditional to vibrant and colorful, there’s something for everyone.

There are three important components of a chaniya or lehenga choli i.e. the chaniya/lehenga (the floor length skirt), your choli (the top blouse) and the dupatta. Even small variations in cut, choli design, draping, etc. make a big difference in the way you look and can be versatile enough to wear quite a few times on different occasions. Bridal chaniya cholis are really popular nowadays because they are comfortable and beautiful and can be very figure flattering. You can find outfits in georgette, chiffon, satin, raw silk, bandhani, brocade and net, in every color imaginable! If you are looking for something trendy and modern, consider mix and match colors and play around with the blouse style as well as draping. Chaniya cholis or lehengas are also a great option if you are attending a wedding or any major function since it can be as simple or heavy as you want and it is always appropriate.

You will find the traditional waist length cholis as well as a variety of different styles like sleeveless, halter necks, noodle straps, backless and more. Make sure you try a few different styles to find out what fits you the best. You can even experiment with sleeve lengths as well as the length of the choli itself. The cut makes all the difference, a well made choli can make or break your outfit; look for well placed darting, boning and never settle for something that doesn’t fit right. Most reputable stores and online shopping websites will tailor your clothes according to your specifications. The lehengas and chaniyas come in a variety of cuts too, like the form-fitting mermaid style, A-line cut, full flare, etc. Choose one that you are comfortable moving in and suits your shape. The A-line cut is pretty much universally flattering. You can experiment with different dupatta draping styles as well. One of the best parts about a chaniya choli is that you even can drape it sari style and change the look…it’s like two outfits in one!

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