Contemporary Sarees for the Contemporary Woman

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Published: 24th January 2011
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Sarees have been a major if not the central part of an Indian woman’s wardrobe traditionally over the years. Women of all age groups choose to wear sarees for day to day casual wear and special occasions even today. With the saree becoming a major fashion statement both in the country and internationally, everyone from the local neighbourhood tailor to top fashion designers have their own customized sarees up for grabs.

No more just the domain or the older generation, sarees have evolved to suit the palette of even the most fashion forward individual. Sarees look not only graceful and elegant but can be extremely figure flattering as well…an important factor for the woman of today! If you are body conscious or just want to hide a few extra pounds a modern saree may be the new star for your wardrobe. Designers too have come up with new draping styles to suit and hug your curves. Contemporary saree styles like the lehenga style saree or a mermaid style cut saree look beautiful and can be draped to play up your best assets.

Today it’s all about choices and there are tons of trendy options to modernize even the most traditional saree by switching up your blouse. Halter neck blouse, backless cholis, semi-backless blouses, corset blouses and the like are blowing up the runway and in street fashion alike. If you want to stand out and bare just a hint of skin don’t bother with a cocktail dress, just pick up a saree with a gorgeous blouse instead. A stylized blouse is the perfect modern touch to this age old clothing staple. It is a good way to amp up the style quotient of your wedding saree as well…make an extra blouse in a modern style to go with the heavier sarees you own and you can switch from contemporary to classic as you please.

Designers nowadays are playing around with saree fabrics as well; everything from hand woven fabrics to jersey has been used in sarees in the hottest fashion events. The colours are getting bolder and unique patterns add that something special. You will find not just florals and such but also vibrant Graphic prints, tribal designs and words printed on sarees! If changing up your wedding saree or bridal trousseau is too risky a move, definitely give the modern party wear sarees and casual sarees a try.

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