Few Tips to Style and Accessorise Your Sarees

Published: 04th February 2011
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Buying a saree is a fun experience now days thanks to the tons of variety available in everywhere from online stores to high end designer stores to small local stores. Although one tries to stay within budget sometimes it’s tough to resist one gorgeous, expensive saree that you feel resplendent in, quite like a wedding saree. One way to feel less guilty about a big purchase is to find ways to wear that saree more than a few times – Styling and accessorising your saree right makes sure your look stays current and put together. Let’s take a look at a few ways to enhance the look of your sarees:

Draping: Varied draping styles can really take the allure of a pretty saree to the next level. There are so many different ways to drape a sari apart from the normal front or back pallu drape. If you can’t figure out how to do them yourself, take the help of a beautician or stylist or simply look online. Draping a saree well is the best way to showcase the best parts of the saree; it could be a heavily embroidered pallu or a shimmery border. You can also accentuate different parts of your body. Experimenting with different styles will also allow you to change the look of a saree in case you are worried about repeating.

Blouses: Your blouse can change the entire look of a saree. There are so many new designs to try like backless designs, blouses with Nehru collars and embellished collars, different sleeve lengths and mush, much more. Whatever style you choose, a perfectly tailored blouse is a must. Keep in mind that the blouse you stitch for your bridal saree may not be as revealing as one you would for a cocktail party – definitely keep the occasion and audience in mind! Take a gander at new modern designs and while a retro design looks fashionable a truly ‘old-fashioned’ one may not, it will only look dated.

Accessories: The right accessories add the finishing touches to even the most casual of sarees. Beautiful jewellery like earrings, a necklace and bangles is the perfect adornment. Both modern and traditional jewellery look great depending on the style of the saree. Be sure to match your jewellery to the metallics in your saree if any. A pretty clutch or dressy purse is your best bet; a big handbag with a dressy saree doesn’t look very contemporary.

Make sure you style your wedding saree right and make sure the look works for your style and the occasion. It’s really sad to see a woman in a beautiful saree ruining the entire look with bad styling!

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